the private pool outside our presidential villa

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Presidential Villa

Experience the epitome of grandeur and lavishness at the Presidential Villa, the crown jewel of Gamyam Beach Resort. As you step into the sprawling expanse of the villa, spanning across 4,300 sq. ft., you will be greeted by an ambiance that exudes sophistication and charm. At the Presidential Villa, the curated menu is thoughtfully tailored to cater to your unique culinary preferences. Indulge in a gastronomic journey where your private chef skillfully crafts delectable dishes, artfully presented to delight both your appetite and aesthetic sensibilities. The interior of the Presidential Villa is a masterpiece of design, adorned with exquisite furnishings and tasteful decor. The spacious living room and bedrooms are thoughtfully arranged to create an ambiance of tranquility and elegance.

Stepping onto the expansive patio, you enter a private oasis designed to transport you to a world of sheer relaxation and bliss. Immerse yourself in the inviting waters of your personal pool, enveloped by the breathtaking beauty of the azure sky above. This idyllic outdoor sanctuary beckons you to indulge in the warm embrace of the sun, lose yourself in the pages of a captivating book, or savor a magical candle-lit dinner under a canopy of twinkling stars. It is the perfect setting for hosting unforgettable gatherings, creating cherished memories that will be forever etched in your heart. 

At Gamyam Beach Resort, we wholeheartedly embrace the significance of nurturing your mind and body. You can further enhance your well-being by indulging in Western therapies offered at our in-house spa.  And when you yearn for the soothing embrace of the beach, fear not, for it is a stone's throw away, beckoning you to explore its sandy shores. Embark on an unparalleled vacation experience at the Presidential Villa, where opulence and comfort intertwine to create memories that will last a lifetime. Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury and surrender to the enchantment of Gamyam Beach Resort, where every moment is a celebration of indulgence and serenity.


  • Air-conditioning
  • Wi-Fi Access
  • Refrigerator
  • Hot Water
  • Television
  • Telephone
  • Tea & Coffee Maker
  • Bottled Water
  • Hair Dryer
  • Wardrobe
  • Iron & Ironing Board
  • Bathrobe & Bath Slippers
  • Room Service
  • Laundry Service
  • Separate Living Room
  • In room safe
  • Patio
  • Private Plunge Pool
  • Jacuzzi Bathtub
  • Inclusive of All Meals