Awards and Recognition


Global Spa Award

Gamyam Retreat wins Global Spa award! Global spa awards are awards given to recognize excellence in the spa and wellness industry. The awards are presented annually and are based on the votes of industry professionals and the general public. Gamyam retreat by Denissons is a luxury spa resort located in India. It offers a range of spa treatments and wellness programs, including Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation. The resort is known for its beautiful location and luxurious facilities. Winning a global spa award is a significant achievement for any spa or wellness resort. It shows that the spa has been recognized for its excellence in providing high-quality treatments and services to its customers.

Economic Times Business Excellence Award

The Economic Times Business Excellence Awards is an annual event organized by The Economic Times, which is one of India's leading business newspapers. The awards recognize and honor companies and individuals who have demonstrated exceptional performance and excellence in their respective fields. Gamyam by Denissons Kumta has won the award in the Luxury Wellness Resort segment for the year 2023.


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