a spa room set up for an Ayurveda therapy session

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Soulistic®  Wellness at Gamyam Beach Resort

The Gamyam doctrine of Wellness derives from the five basic principles of life: Ayurveda, Yoga, Nature, Jnana & Divinity. Each founding principle of the Gamyam Wellness programme is deeply cultured and studied by our team of experts, who in turn, curate a journey of discovery of the inner self.

Soulistic® Wellness Packages

Ayurveda 11


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Yogic Lifestyle

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Wellness - The Beginning

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Guest Testimonials | Reviews

It was amazing. Came across the chill pool for the first time. Nice experience. Even we enjoyed ourselves with our family privately. Very fun. Thank you.

- Siddharth, January 3rd, 2023


Guest Testimonials | Reviews

Thank you so much for everything, I had a wonderful time and some therapies. The massages were so good and I really appreciate them.

- Iva Rogacheva, January 5th, 2023


Guest Testimonials | Reviews

I took Ayurveda therapy for my neck pain and I feel most of the pain is gone. I really suggest others take therapies here as they do have professional knowledge and practical knowledge.

- Praveen, January 24th, 2023

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Guest Testimonials | Reviews

The massage therapy was excellent with attention to detail. This was the best experience I had in my lifetime and would recommend it highly to anyone who needs to relax, recharge and rejuvenate mind and body.

- Naveen Kamat, January 1st, 2023

Ayurveda 11

Guest Testimonials | Reviews

It was relaxing and rejuvenating. The back pain and neck pain areas were addressed adequately. Overall a good experience.

- Shilpa, January 1st, 2023