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Ayurveda 11
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Stress Relief

Embark on a three-day journey that immerses you in the therapeutic world of Ayurvedic wellness practices. Your path to profound stress relief begins with an Ayurveda Abhyanga therapy, a deeply soothing massage that uses herbal oils to rejuvenate the body. Complementing this is an Ayurveda herbal poultice therapy, where warm, herb-packed poultices are applied to penetrate and relax deep muscle tissues. Finally, a tranquil foot massage awaits to ground and harmonize your energies, completing your holistic experience.

Duration: 3 Nights


  • Double occupancy stay in club rooms
  • All meals in the wellness TDH set menu
  • Morning yoga
  • Evening meditation
  • 1-hour knowledge session daily
  • Ayurveda therapies as given below

Therapies Include:
1 Ayurveda abhyanga therapy | 1 Ayurveda herbal poultice therapy | 1 Foot massage


  • Reduces mental tension and anxiety
  • Boosts circulation and skin health
  • Promotes overall relaxation and well-being


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