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Wellness - The Beginning

The new buzzword in the corporate world is "Spiritual Quotient" (SQ). Attaining Spiritual Quotient is a skilled process. One needs to acquire special skills to achieve success in today's world across all three aspects of life - health, wealth and love. These skills are essential to realise the well-being of our self, by transcending the chaotic work and the modern lifestyle we follow. Thus, the wisdom here is the skill and know-how required to stay connected to nature and align with the universal principles to attain success.

Gamyam is a classical Ayurveda and yoga retreat for an ultimate experience, to harmonize your life. This wellness retreat is an idyllic setting for an ultimate rejuvenation program that is custom-designed to balance your needs, beat the stress & strains of the contemporary lifestyle you live and take you beyond the physical realm for a Soulistic® experience.

Here at Gamyam, we capture this spiritual quest through the learning and practice of the 5 pillars.

  • Classical Ayurveda - The ideal way to nourish yourself.
  • Yoga - The practices to transform and transcend to a new sphere.
  • Nature - Prakruthi as a nourisher.
  • Jnana - The practice of an aware life and mindful living.
  • Divinity - The potent superpower in the universe we strive to align with.

silhouette of a person practising yoga

A Peek Into Wellness - The Beginning

A topical day of self-discovery on the spiritual journey is well-balanced with knowledge and action.

This programme is offered as a group activity on the weekends from Thursday to Sunday. The sessions could be customised according to the need of the group.

Duration: 4 Days
Check-in: 2 PM | Check-out: 11 AM
Package Includes:
Stay | All Meals | Morning yoga | Knowledge sessions | Meditation | Group activities | Access to swimming pool | Library | Gym

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Wellness - The Beginning Brochure

View our detailed Wellness - The Beginning brochure, where we give you a brief introduction of every offering in the Wellness - The Beginning program at Gamyam.